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Before you leave for an international trip, you might not know what to pack. There are several essential items that you should bring with you, regardless of the destination.

When traveling internationally, there are certain items you never want to forget. Likewise, there are items you can skip hauling around with you. Here is a short list of what you absolutely must pack.

Passport and Paperwork

Your passport is one of the most important items you should pack when traveling internationally. Make sure that it is in good condition and won’t expire. Before you leave, research the visa requirements for the country you visit. Also, ensure that you have all your essential documents in electronic form.

Medications (if Any)

Before you leave, make sure that you have all of the necessary medications with you. Having the proper amount will allow you to last throughout your trip.

Debit and Credit Cards

When you need to withdraw foreign money, make sure you have a credit or debit card with you. Doing so will allow you to avoid the high commission rates typically associated with transferring money from the airport to a bank in your destination. Another option is to get a card that doesn’t charge fees for foreign transactions.

Packing Cubes

One essential item that you should pack when traveling is packing cubes. They can help keep all of your clothes organized and handy. Instead of searching through your bag for that missing sock, you can grab the appropriate one.

Power Adaptors

Before you leave for an international trip, ensure you have an adapter to charge your devices. Different electrical outlets in other countries have different shapes and sizes. A universal travel adapter will allow you to charge your devices wherever you go.

Walking Shoes

Most travel plans feature lots of walking, and you will likely end up miserable if you don’t have the proper shoes. If you plan on walking a lot, you should bring a pair of comfortable and decent-looking shoes.