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Lacey Flanagan


Lacey Flanagan is a Medical Coder based in Yarmouth, Maine. She is also extremely passionate about arts, culture, and traveling. Her love of colors, bold and bright, has turned her into a true nature lover, as the views mother nature provides are beyond comparison. Unsurprisingly, Lacey is an animal lover, which is fortunate given her love of the great outdoors.

Ever since she was little, Lacey has known that she wanted to find a way to have a creative yet professional career. Given how these two can be polar opposites at times, this left her in a conundrum. She finally struck the perfect balance, providing necessary medical services (medical coding) during her day job and enjoying a creative lifestyle every other moment.

Everywhere Lacey Flanagan looks, she sees color and inspiration. Being surrounded by things of beauty has motivated her to find a creative outlet in life. Starting in high school, Lacey began experimenting with different art styles, hoping to find the one style that spoke to her. She studied sculpture, canvas, nature, and color theory to get to where she is today. She also tried to take as many art courses as she managed, never turning down an opportunity. Ultimately, it was painting that stole her heart. Lacey opted to pursue this passion full-time.  

Lacey Flanagan loves to use color as a form of expression within her paintings and artwork. In her mind, the more vivid the color, the better. Ideally, she hopes to bring a smile to the faces of those that view her artwork while helping to bring out her unique point of view. Her use of bright colors has become a trademark of sorts, visible in every work she creates. To see Lacey Flanagan’s painting portfolio, visit 

While Lacey was experimenting with different artistic styles and mediums, she found another love: music. Her new adoration for music encouraged her to play several different instruments. Lacey’s desire for creative expression demanded that she try them all. While she will always have a soft spot in her heart for musical instruments, this was ultimately not the path she chose to follow in life.  

In truth, Lacey Flanagan is very fortunate to have the ability to travel as much as she does. There’s no denying that traveling significantly impacts her artwork, as each new destination shows her a different color palette and setting. It’s easy for Lacey to find inspiration in the world around her, and by exposing herself to as much of the world as possible, she ensures that she has a constant source of inspiration. Unsurprisingly, Lacey Flanagan always brings her painting equipment along, as one never knows when inspiration will strike.  

When Lacey Flanagan isn’t busy with work or painting, she tends to enjoy her other hobbies in life. Traveling is one, and hiking is yet another. She also enjoys giving back to her community through volunteer work, especially regarding children and animals. 

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