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One of the most important factors people consider when planning a vacation is stress reduction. However, even though it’s beautiful, a vacation can be very stressful if certain factors happen. Some of these include the weather, flight delays, and the theft of credit cards.

Before planning a trip, you must have a few tips in place. These will help make your vacation stress-free.

Copy Important Documents

Make two copies of your passport or license to protect yourself if they get stolen or lost. One copy should be brought with you and stored separately from the original, while the other can be left with a relative or friend. The US Government also offers a free service that allows citizens and nationals to enroll in its Smart Travel Enrollment program. This will enable them to obtain a passport or other documents when traveling internationally.

Learn About Travel Scams

In most places around the world, you’ll likely encounter people ready to steal from you. If you’re lucky, these individuals will probably be obvious, but plenty of professionals are skilled at scamming. This research can help protect yourself from getting tricked out of the money you’ve earned.

Don’t Show Off Valuables

One of the most critical steps that you can take to prevent your valuables from being stolen is to avoid displaying them in public. This will make people aware of what they can take from you. If you’re going out and about with expensive electronics, you should also be very discreet.

You should only bring expensive electronics with you when you need them and only store jewelry away under clothes. Before you leave, ask yourself what you really need.

Be Smart (and Safe) with Your Money

A lot of travel safety information suggests that you should never carry large amounts of cash. Instead, you can use local ATMs and open an account with a credit or bank card company. If you must withdraw large sums of money at once, you can safely store the bulk in your hotel room or hostel.

When using an ATM, ensure that the machines are attached to banks. Also, keep your money in multiple places so that if one of your cards is stolen, you can still use it.

Know Your Surroundings

Before you visit a new location, make sure you have a plan. Also, be aware of the local culture and how the locals dress.