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A romantic getaway is a wonderful way to spend time with your partner, and plenty of places are ideal for couples. Going on a beach vacation is also a great way to spend time together. But deciding the best places to visit for your next trip might be challenging. Many attractions are worth a shout-out for both of you.

There are many reasons couples often go on a trip together, such as the beautiful locations they’ll be visiting and the chance to share in the experience.

Here is a short list to get you started!

Glow Worm Caves, Waitomo, New Zealand

One of the most scenic places in the world is New Zealand, and the deep valleys and glaciers found in the country’s various regions are believed to have come from a fairy tale. Glowworms can determine how bright their tail is by changing the amount of oxygen that reaches their light organ.

The glowworm’s chemicals and oxygen are combined to create an illumination effect known as bioluminescence. This natural phenomenon can create a breathtaking boat ride through the caverns.

New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, West Virginia

Another favorite location for couples who are passionate about outdoor adventure is the US’ newest national park. This region is perfect for couples looking to get away from it all and enjoy a romantic getaway. Plenty of activities are available all year round, and the accommodations are also perfect for relaxing after a full day of hiking or mountain biking.

Granada, Spain

Granada is a beautiful city in Spain, and it’s regarded as one of the country’s top holiday destinations. This ancient city was established during the 8th century. Its narrow streets are ideal for walking through and taking in the panoramic view of the surroundings.

Besides being known for its incredible cuisine, the city has plenty of shopping options. It’s great for couples looking to purchase gifts for each other.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The city of Santa Fe is known for its unique architecture, which features low-slung buildings made from earth-colored materials. During the spring, it’s filled with blooming forsythias and lilacs, while in the winter, it’s shrouded by the scent of burning pion wood. During the warmer months, it’s great to enjoy outdoor festivals and al fresco dining at some of the city’s top restaurants.